Monica Razuleu-Munoz

Monica Razuleu-Munoz

My name is Monica Razuleu-Munoz and I am a Financial Advisor with Protection Point Advisors.  I was born and raised in Guatemala, Central America; I was lucky enough to have a great Financial Education at home (my parents taught me everything you don’t learn at school--which will eventually lead you to achieve financial freedom).  At a young age I realized that most of the stress we as adults deal with is related to money, or the lack of. I have always been very inquisitive, which has led me to conclude that most adults do not have a healthy relationship with money, often times due to lack of knowledge and also fear of facing a reality that might not be what they want or expect it to be (I’ve realized that people will tell you pretty much everything about any aspect of their lives but money). 

Convinced that knowledge is power and also the key to help people improve their relationship with money and achieve the financial future they want, I wanted to work in something finance related in order to help as many people as I could.  I graduated Cum Laude with a major in Business and a minor in Finance.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and, when looking for a job, I was very determined to work in the Financial Industry.  However, due to the current situation back then (market crisis and the Bernie Madoff scandal), my biggest concern was to find a company with the same ethics and values as mine- and finally, I was lucky enough to find it.

I started working at Eagle West Group in April of 2009 as an Office Manager, then I was given the opportunity and assistance to go after my certifications in order to become a Financial Advisor and help other people achieve the financial future they want.  I am currently preparing to get my CFP.  One of the things I value the most about Eagle West Group besides the wealth of experience available to me (the founders have been in business for over 25 years and we have a great team of advisors who specialize in different areas and have been in the business for over 15 years as well) is the level of ethics- it is the exception rather than the rule and it is so gratifying to be led by the example of such values every day.

At Protection Point Advisors we are always looking for ways to add value, innovating and building solutions that allow our clients to get a better client experience.  I also love the freedom on the platform, the resources and the ways in which each of us, the Advisors get to build the solutions for our clients; we don’t have an agenda nor a product to sell and we get to design solutions that are customized to our clients’ goals, risk tolerance and objectives.  When clients decide to work with me, they are getting me, my caring, the customized solutions we offer and the great expertise available to me at our firm.  They don’t need to worry about what would happen with their investments should something happen to me since we already have a continuity plan and anyone in the company can take over if needed.  When working with me, they get the full Protection Point Advisors’ advisory experience and help in other ways (we have strategic partnerships with professionals in other areas that we often time refer our clients to) at a very reasonable cost. 

I love being involved in activities that will help me enhance and get to know my clients and my community.  I am an Ambassador and the Co-Chair of the Women in Business Council for the Culver City Chamber of Commerce.  As an Ambassador, I enjoy being the liaison between people in the community and the chamber, as well to get to know more people and business in the community. As the Co-Chair of the Women in Business Council, I enjoy connecting, empowering and supporting women in business in all stages of their careers. 

When not at work, I love to swim, workout, getting out for a bike ride, doing yoga, lively salsa dancing, reading and meeting people wherever I go. I enjoy building long lasting relationships, both professional and personal.

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