The Future of Wealth Management

A glimpse of how a complete system can help grow your business and retain clients.

Show Me How To Succeed

Imagine being more to your clients; a better client experience to make you a hero. 

Solved! The Three Problems Advisors Face

Prospecting, Retaining Prospects And Getting Them To Refer Others.

We’ve been in the business long enough to have been through the industry’s version of the school of hard knocks. When we first started there was no one to show us the way, so we learned through decades of trial and error. Today, most of those mistakes are unnecessary. We see advisors reinventing the wheel when they don’t have to

Helping Advisors With A Total System

The industry doesn’t have a total system to ensure success. There might be some product specific training, but no one to tell you how to care for clients or generate referrals. The managers are often people who have less than one year of experience in doing the job they are teaching. 

Zero To Hero Or Hero To Super Hero

“Working smart” is tough to do. To get “smart” requires many years of trial and error. To fast track your career, you need a complete system, and most don’t have time to build it. You need prospecting, reactive portfolios, as well as a referral generator. Protection Point Advisors has built all that.

What Advisors Say


Protection Point Advisors has allowed me to be the advisor I always wanted to be. They have great portfolio solutions and a defined process that makes my job more efficient.


Protection Point Advisors has helped me with the support I needed to grow. I feel like I can take on much bigger clients with confidence, knowing that their portfolios and processes can keep up with me. My old way of doing things got in the way of my growth.