Helping Advisors With A Total System

The industry doesn’t have a total system to ensure success. There might be some product specific training, but no one to tell you how to care for clients or generate referrals. The managers are often people who have less than one year of experience in doing the job they are teaching. That’s why the odds of surviving to the end of your 5th year at most firms is less than 10%. As a new advisor, we tried everything, from randomly calling names in the phonebook to buying leads to building centers of influence and seminars. Some ideas worked, but most didn’t. It’s a wonder we didn’t fail
With Protection Point Advisors, you get a combined 39 years of advisor experience to help you figure this out, with a replicable system that can be used to double or even triple your business in 18 months, regardless of financial experience.

Our total system helps you:

  • Plug into our prospecting machine
  • Retain the clients you already have
  • Eliminate the time-consuming management of back-office systems
  • Increase referrals from your existing clients

Protection Point Advisors can help you build and manage a sales funnel for both new clients and get interest from the old names in your system that said “No.” To keep existing clients engaged and to up the possibility of driving additional referrals, we hold regular educational webinars.

The solutions required to run a successful practice are getting more complex and more expensive all the time. Some advisors try to run a practice for a while without the investments in marketing and service systems, but the reality is they are slowly moving backwards, as they consume the value of their practice.

One of the challenges advisors face, especially as their practices begin to grow, is building the right infrastructure. Trading systems, business support solutions and support staff are as necessary as they are vital to an advisor’s continued growth.  

Protection Point Advisors allows advisers to plug-in to an all-inclusive practice management support system that provides all the components necessary to develop a successful practice. From trading solutions, to business support tools, to operational support, our back-office mechanism offers advisors the opportunity to outsource important practice aspects and in turn maintain the focus necessary to sustain growth.     

Our training is delivered by successful practitioners with decades of industry experience. If you haven’t yet achieved success, we can show you how to get there.    Sign up to attend one of our workshops and receive a free two week pass to our weekly training webinars. See why our advisers succeed.

A solution for All kinds of Advisors and Firms, Little and Big

We work with existing RIAs, advisors looking for an RIA, or Insurance reps looking to create a new revenue source in their existing client book.

For large shops

There is not much support for recruiting advisors or for sophisticated trading solutions. Most of the time, you are forced to handle both these tasks on your own. With our help, you can re-task those efforts to moving your firm forward faster. Protection Point Advisors has can get potential advisors to listen, because getting new clients is one of their biggest concerns. If together we can help them, with marketing, they will listen to the rest of your message. We can also custom brand our outreach to your existing RIA logo and messaging. In addition, our Matrix program can create an interesting twist on gluing the advisors to your firm. All this is explained in our advisor focused webinar and we encourage you to listen in.

Many firms feel pretty good about their investment approach without realizing how limited they are by their existing technology. It makes sense to diversify the holdings in portfolios, but are you also diversifying the investment approach and creating investment layers? Occasionally firms are already doing this through multiple SMAs, but can you do multiple investment approaches all in one account? Can you also exclude customized cash, hold excluded positions, and create equivalents? This is the power of Protection Point Advisors trading technology. Consider how this might change your suggestions and make Position your firm more uniquely. We also can implement directed strategies like Sherman Sheets, Alpha Droid and others. For existing IARs with large RIAs, we can help you get approved, by working with your acceptance committee.

For Advisors who need an RIA

Protection Point Advisors can also be home using our RIA, EWG Elevate, Inc. We market under Protection Point Advisors and it’s as easy as plug and play. Client and Advisor websites, client account portal, weekly leadership training, marketing, newsletters, and responsive layered portfolios are all built and ready to go. Our portfolios are already published on Riskalyze under #PPA and we can include a full version of Riskalyze and part of your association. All this is explained in our advisor focused webinar and we encourage you to listen in.

You might be an insurance advisor

With a significant list of clients, but not sure how to access the investment side. We can help you get licensed, insured, and state registered. We do the heavy lifting and you do the client relationship. We can work with you on the financial planning and help you deliver sophisticated portfolio solutions. All this is explained in our advisor focused webinar and we encourage you to listen in.

Sign up to attend one of our workshops and receive a free two week pass to our weekly training webinars. See why our advisers succeed.