No matter how big or small an Advisor’s book of business, they often tell us that prospecting for new clients is one of the biggest challenges facing them and their team.

The industry couldn’t figure out prospecting and left the problem for advisors to figure out as they go. We often see them using 20-year-old marketing techniques that most of the time end up being a total waste of time and money.

Dinner seminars, retirement events, direct mail and even cold calling don’t work like they used to. We have built a proven system, tested it and offer it exclusively to our Protection Point Advisors.

  • We use educational webinars and videos to strengthen your value to clients
  • We use the “Edification Triangle” to lift the advisor’s influence and authority
  • We make your time more effective with warmed up prospects before you meet
  • Clients who watch our Live Webinars are far more likely to give strong referrals

Our industry leaders share a clear message with your prospects, explaining your value and what steps they should expect. While this might sound easy, it’s a lot more complicated in its construction and presentation. Selling you and your solutions becomes much easier, when prospects have already shown interest, know what to expect and are ready to take the next step.

This is not a widget or an app. This is a complete system, to grow your business, that anyone can follow regardless of their experience or the size of their current practice.

To find out more about our Prospecting System, register for our next Live Webinar and bring your questions. You will hear some exciting success stories and find out how advisors across the country are using Protection Point Advisors systems to grow.