Solved! The Three Problems Advisors Face In Scaling Their Business

We’ve been in the business long enough to have been through the industry’s version of the school of hard knocks.   When we first started there was no one to show us the way, so we learned through decades of trial and error.  Today, most of those mistakes are unnecessary.  We see advisers reinventing the wheel when they don’t have to.

The main four main problems an advisor has in order to scale:

  • A way to bring in new clients
  • Better retain the clients you have created
  • Manage the back-office systems that can hold you back
  • Generate referrals

Protection Point Advisors has solved all of these for you. We can help you build and manage a sales funnel for your new clients. We can also help you to reignite interest from the old names or dead leads in your CRM system that weren’t interested. They might be a past a referral or seminar lead that said, “no”. For many advisors this can be hundreds or thousands of opportunities. We see this person as “not yet”, and we will give them more reasons to listen.

You will have better qualified leads because they understand the process you are going to take them through and have shown interest in it. For existing clients, we hold regular educational webinars to keep them engaged and elevate you. This could focus your existing client meetings less on review or education and more on the future and strategic planning.

The management skills and systems that can get you to 1 employee and 50 million in assets are inadequate to get you past the next hurdle. Solve that challenge and you have another growth hurdle to overcome, which limits your ability to scale. Decades can go by as you reconfigure new systems and management skills. We help you scale, by eliminating some of those hurdles.

The time you spend building and managing your back office is time you are not out creating or serving clients. We have built robust portfolio solutions that can defend in bad markets and service systems to make you more efficient. The research and trading time you spent can now be refocused on new client opportunities. This total solution leads to more referrals and a more effective use of your time.

Attend one of our workshops and get a two week pass to our “weekly training programs “and see why our advisers are succeeding with our systems.