Why We Know The Way

Simply put, we’ve done a lot of trial and error, then built a business with a seven-figure income. As a result, we’ve built systems for marketing, responsive investment models, and a defined client experience. We know the way, because we have been where you have been. We have driven the crappy car and lived in a basement waiting for the business to grow. We have been chewed out by a manager for selling the non-commissioned product, although it was the right thing to do. We even had a manager criticize us for being “too creative”.

The industry struggles with being a fiduciary and at the same time trying to earn commissions on selling products. It finds itself at a very important crossroads.  Clients want a high-level service and transparency; the industry wants to sell products.   Recently, we saw the invention of BICE contracts, a legal solution to not act in a client’s best interest. Advisors, tethered to product solutions, can be torn between serving the needs of their clients and serving a company's production agenda.   We spent many years experiencing this conflict.   Finally, we reached a breaking point. It cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars to leave a large company, but we felt there had to be a better way. We wanted to allow advisors to reach their full potential and fully serve the needs of their clients without conflicts.  

We went independent in 2008, which was about the worst time to transition a firm, committed to building the structure right. In 2008, it was tough explaining to clients that they were down $500,000 and “oh, by the way, I need you to sign some paperwork.” However, we had a better story to tell and from that we began to grow. Up and down the firm assets went as we gained experience, through trial and error. It turns out you must be willing to kill the old you to become the company and the person you want to be become. We are all attached to what works at the time and it was tough to let go.

We reinvented our marketing, responsive investment models and defined a unique and specific client experience. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We also needed to build all the infrastructure and support systems required to insure consistency. So that’s why we know the way. We are an overnight success, in a decades and decades sort of way ...

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