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A View From an Institutional Manager

One of the great opportunities we get because of the amount of money we manage is access to people that are usually hard to get to.  I had a call this week with a portfolio manager from Guggenheim Investments.  We got to talk about the recent Federal Reserve comments and their view on the economy […]

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How to Track the Performance of Your Investment Portfolio

The return of your investment portfolio is an important matter. However, when tracking that performance, you need to set the right expectations. There is no general standard that all of the investments will return a specific percentage each year or that they will behave the same.  Performance standards are moving targets and it’s important to […]

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When a Safe is Safe

At the beginning of this year Japan embarked on extraordinary central bank policy of “Negative Interest Rates” A negative interest rate means the central bank, and perhaps private banks, will charge negative interest. Instead of receiving money on deposits, depositors must pay regularly to keep their money in the bank. This is intended to incentivize […]

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High Tech, High Touch, or Both?

The Gallup Organization released a poll revealing that only slightly more than half of Americans say they currently have money in the stock market, even including 401(k) and IRA holdings. What’s striking about the poll, is that it’s back to the lowest rate in the survey’s 19 year history. Recently our best indicators turned positive […]

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Living in Interesting Times

“The irony of the information age is that it has given new respectability to the uninformed opinion” – John Lawton We live in the information age with almost unlimited access to facts and opinions from around the world.  It’s a great time to be alive, but it increasingly difficult to separate the truth from the […]

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Keep Doing the Right Thing.

The start of 2016 is one for the record books. The recent volatility has stirred up emotions and questions from clients that we have not seen in a while.  We wanted to address one of the questions asked recently, “Should I stop saving until the market gets better?” Our advice is don’t let the market […]

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How Do You Define Rich?

How do you define rich? Is a millionaire a rich person? The answer is, it’s all relative. There’s a saying that, “Most people believe they’re middle class.” You tend to compare yourself to your neighbors. If all your neighbors drive used cars, you’re the rich person because you bought a brand new Toyota. But if […]

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How Can Bad News Be Good

There is an old story about a college girl who writes her parents with some bad news.  She is getting a D in English, she has fallen in love with a man now in prison.  She is pregnant and wants to keep the child, so she is quitting school.  At the end of the letter, […]

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Your Fortunes Told Here

On one of my frequent trips to LA, I passed a house with a sign that said, Psychic Readings- Your future told. It would be nice if there was someone with a crystal ball or tarot cards to tell us want to expect for 2014. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

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The Secret Things We LOVE Doing for our Clients.

There are some things we do for clients that they don’t really know about. I am not complaining. We are supposed to do research, anticipate needs and take care of details so clients don’t have to think about these things as much. However, I thought it might be helpful to tell you about one of […]

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