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Do you and your spouse talk about money?

Money is arguably the most personal subject there is and often elicits powerful emotions, particularly among spouses. Additionally, very few of us are taught how to manage our finances effectively leaving many couples avoid the subject entirely. However, avoiding something doesn’t make it better and won’t make it go away. Since this kind of approach, […]

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A Savings Strategy for Your Estimated Tax Payment

At Protection Point Advisors we’re constantly engaged with other professionals to help better serve our KP Physician clients. We frequently meet with tax professionals and accountants and at a recent meeting we learned a very interesting strategy for saving toward your estimated tax payments.

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How to Lower Your Debt

We often have conversations with our client’s children, who are transitioning out of school, on how to get a grip on their student loans. Similarly, we frequently see households developing lifestyles above their financial means.

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Moving Towards Financial Wellness

Financial wellness involves learning how to successfully manage one’s finances in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Whether we admit it or not, money plays a critical role in our lives. Not having enough of it, or not managing it effectively, impacts health as well as work performance. Financial stress is a common source of anxiety […]

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Emergency Funds

We recently read an article regarding the importance of having an emergency fund. We have always felt having an emergency fund is vital to our client’s financial security. The article discusses the possibilities of being unprepared and the consequences it can have, not only on yourself, but on your family as well.

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Trips of a Life Time: Early and Often

My 80-year-old father has always wanted to visit the Falkland Islands.  These islands are tiny, 4700 square miles (about the size of Los Angeles County) off the southern coast of South America.  They peaked his interest as a child because for a short time in the late 1800’s their port was the busiest port in […]

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How to Track the Performance of Your Investment Portfolio

The return of your investment portfolio is an important matter. However, when tracking that performance, you need to set the right expectations. There is no general standard that all of the investments will return a specific percentage each year or that they will behave the same.  Performance standards are moving targets and it’s important to […]

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Investing Based on Emotions

Does your advisor select investments based on emotions? There are many different reasons to select the appropriate advisor, and that advisor should use many different factors when buying and selling investments. At Protection Point Advisors we suggest working with an advisor that understands your goals and risk tolerance, as well as, recommends the appropriate investment […]

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Money Mistakes to AVOID in Your Retirement Planning

“Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.”  ~ Oscar Wilde We have earned the gray hair and wisdom we’ve accumulated from our experience, and a big portion of that experience comes from our mistakes. Here are some to avoid. Receiving advice from the wrong sources: What works for your friends may not […]

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The Biggest Retirement Risk

Retirement is relatively two or three generations old. For example, my grandfather worked all his life and his retirement home was his casket. That’s what his generation did. They simply worked until they couldn’t work anymore. However, subsequent generations have come to conceptualize their golden years a bit differently and are planning for the days when […]

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