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When to Start Saving for Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning, it’s never too early to start saving. By investing early you may be able to take advantage of compound interest. Your retirement account has the potential to grow faster because the money you would have paid in taxes each year remains in the account and add to the compounding […]

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Estate Planning for Adult Children?

We have attached an article from an attorney that we commonly refer clients to for estate legal work.  Along with educating the next generation about money using our Financial Literacy 101 program, we also need to start on basic estate planning.  It’s good information and we have arranged an inexpensive way to get this started.  […]

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The Changing Face of Higher Education a la Starbucks

We often help clients plan and save for their children’s college education. It’s a time honored family tradition. We need to think far ahead because Universities often increase their rates faster than inflation. Sometimes the markets cooperate and sometimes they make saving harder. We routinely use a combination of UGMA accounts, 529 accounts, loans, cash […]

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Doing the Right Thing ~ An inside scoop on our industry.

Sometimes clients such as yourself will get frustrated with the legal restrictions our practice has to deal with. For example, you may have asked me to text you information, which I can’t do. You may also wonder why we don’t post portfolio returns or have testimonials on our website. The reason is that we work […]

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Getting Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is a favorite movie of mine. At the end, Doc Brown jumps out of the time machine, grabs Marty and says, “Something MUST be done about your kids!” He left us all wondering what was going to happen to Marty’s kids in the next movie.

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A little Family Meeting that helps your kids be more financially responsible.

Family meetings are a great way to bring college-age to adult children into the parents’ financial picture. People are generally very private about their financial lives, but you might consider revealing at least an outline to your children. The reveal can be done in stages, so that they are in a better position to “take […]

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The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die.

This is a good article that details why it is important for your beneficiaries to know how to access your important documents in the event of the unexpected. We have long advocated that our clients make their heirs aware of how to establish an estate settlement should something happen to them. Indeed, not pleasant to […]

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