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Retirement and the Increasing Life Expectancy

Retirement is a relatively young concept; only two or three generations old. Perhaps one of the more significant economic challenges of our time is an aging population with insufficient retirement assets. With life expectancy increasing there is the potential that many may outlive their income.  

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Educating Your Children about Money

Over and over again we have heard our clients say that they were never educated about money in high school or college, which has led to mistakes that could’ve been avoided. As a parent you can teach your kids the basics of finance and help them avoid many of these missteps. Start by teaching them […]

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Trust the Financial Advisor Who Knows When to Say “No”

Early June marked a dramatic change in the financial industry. All financial advisors are now legally compelled to work with the best interest of the client in mind, as fiduciaries. Despite this, you still have to look out for the advisors that truly work in your best interest instead of just trying to make you […]

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Being Financially Savvy is A Family Business

Like it or not, we’re all involved in running the “family business.” We worry that our parents might outlive their retirement savings. We’re comforted by the thought that family members would probably bail us out if we got into money trouble. We strive to help our children financially, and we’d like to bequeath them at […]

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You had a 529 plan, but your child gets a scholarship.

You’ve invested in a 529 plan and are set for college, but your child gets a scholarship. Is that money wasted?   First things first. What is a 529 plan? A 529 plan is a saving plan for future college that’s run by the state or individual colleges. They are legally called “qualified tuition plans,” […]

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Buying a Car: Leasing vs. Buying as a Business Owner

Whether you need a fleet of vehicles for your delivery staff, a few trucks on hand for company errands and sales trips, or you want to provide executives with a company car as a perk in their overall compensation package, business owners face the tough decisions about financing company cars. From choosing the right vehicle […]

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Debt Reduction Plans

You have probably heard the expression “living beyond your means,” which is simply another way of saying that someone is spending more money than they are earning. The key to getting out of debt is either to increase income or reduce expenses so that you are earning more than you spend. You may use the […]

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Business Succession Planning

Business owners often disregard the importance of succession planning. Exiting their business is inevitable for business owners, whether it is due to a divorce, illness, retirement, bankruptcy, liquidation, or death. The transition and continuation of the business will go smoother if there is a succession plan in place. Here are five important steps to take […]

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Money Saving Ideas

Whether you are trying to reduce your monthly expenses or save for a major purchase, there are times when we all need to save more money. Here are some savings strategies to consider. Control Daily Spending Your everyday spending decisions can add up in ways you may not expect. Common behaviors that cost money include: […]

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Flying, Turbulence, and Investment “Air-Pockets”

Imagine an airplane pilot, flying at 39,000 feet on a crystal-clear day and suddenly hitting an unexpected pocket of turbulence, known creatively as “air pockets.” Although sudden turbulence occurs frequently it still creates excitement and demands your full attention. Air pockets are essentially turbulence on steroids; unforeseen events that leave you gasping for air. Flying […]

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