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Credit vs. Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards look alike, and they are used in virtually identical ways. But there are some significant differences that make them both important tools to have in your financial toolbox. By definition, spending with a credit card means you are spending money you don’t have – it’s a loan. Many people use credit […]

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Moving Towards Financial Wellness

Financial wellness involves learning how to successfully manage one’s finances in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Whether we admit it or not, money plays a critical role in our lives. Not having enough of it, or not managing it effectively, impacts health as well as work performance. Financial stress is a common source of anxiety […]

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Stay Calm and Open a Health Savings Account

Healthcare. Retirement. Those may be two of the most stressful words in the English language today. Especially when you include them both in the same sentence. For instance, a married couple that saves $326,000 has a 90 percent chance of having enough money to pay healthcare expenses in retirement. A single man would need to […]

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Kick ‘Em, or Pick ‘Em When They’re Down?

Should you “kick ‘em when they’re down”, or “pick ‘em when they’re down”? At first glance it may be easy to “kick ‘em”, but recent research has shown that asset classes, not individual stocks, that have been down for 3 (or more) consecutive years are extremely good buys.  Researcher and money manager Meb Faber has […]

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9 Day Classic Danube Holiday River Cruise

After an overwhelming response, we added an additional cruise trip this year! The Danube Holiday River Cruise is our second trip for 2016. We have worked some negotiation magic and are happy to announce the price for this amazing excursion is, as low as $2,199 per person. That’s a group discount of $300 off your cabin […]

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The College Transition Begins

As parents we want to be there to support our children throughout their lives.  When they are young, we are their caregiver, educator, rule enforcer, health and welfare advocate, and personal driver.   We pick out their clothes, approve of their friends, and support them in their academic, emotional, and extracurricular activities.  As they move toward […]

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Choosing a College

It’s junior year of high school and for most of your child’s life you’ve talked with them about the importance of going to college and getting a degree. Now that the time has come, how does your child choose? This process can be so overwhelming but we’ve come across a website that we think might […]

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Veteran’s Day

For a large percentage of the population Veteran’s Day is just another day off from work or school.  In actuality Veteran’s Day is so much more.  Is it a day to honor those who have served our country unselfishly and signifies an important day in our Nation’s history. On June 28, 1919 the Treaty of […]

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Is the Outlook From the Edge Hopeful or Bleak?

The media loves scaring us! In all fairness, it is how they sell advertising time but it still isn’t very comforting. They get a panel of talking heads all trying to outdo each other to be first to forecast calamity. Do they apologize when they get it wrong? No! But if the markets descend, they […]

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Making Your Kids Earn It

How can you teach the next generation a strong work ethic? Our clients have achieved great success partly because they understand hard work, but transferring that work ethic to the next generation is difficult. I am sure there are many suggestions on this: sports, chores, part time jobs. Recently my kids gave me a great […]

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