Client Stories

We asked our Protection Point Advisors family of clients to share their knowledge and their stories. These various videos include varying topics ranging from business advice, life transitions, surviving tragedies and personal achievements. We hope their stories will both inform and inspire.

Lisa Trent - Our family's victory over leukemia.

It is perhaps the worst thing a mother can hear, “Your daughter has leukemia.”Listen to Lisa’s inspiring story of how the Trent family came together to help her 8-year- old daughter, Monica, win a fight for her life. It’s an important story of hope and survival for anyone who is struggling with a child or loved one who has fallen ill.

Miles Tashima - What happens when a skilled surgeon finds that he has a serious medical issue of his own?

Upon receiving a diagnosis of colon cancer, Miles Tashima was forced to undergo an abrupt change to his life. See how he faced his difficult emotional and financial challenges with courage with the support from those who love him. You’ll be amazed at the unexpected benefits from his experience!

Robin Miller -  How “Operation Smile” changed my life.

After 20 years as an anesthesiologist, Robin wanted to make a bigger contribution. She accomplished just that in faraway villages, giving children with severe facial deformities a normal life.

Alfonso Barba - Listen to his compelling and challenging story of getting into medical school.

This behind-the scenes perspective about getting into medical school is invaluable for anyone interested in a career in medicine. As a student, Dr. Barbra became one of the few people who actually choose which medical students got accepted to the university. An incredible experience to be sure.