How We’re Different


Less talking and a lot more listening. Less talking and a lot more listening. It’s important to us that we get to know you and your family on a personal level. We are proud to have built relationships with our clients that run deep in trust and friendship.

At Protection Point Advisors it’s never just about the investments. We are as comfortable discussing your investments as we are about offering advice on life insurance, estate planning and even strategies for those clients’ children who are interested in getting into medical school. 

We’ve raised the expectations of how clients should be treated. As a boutique investment firm, we are proud to offer that personal touch.

Bottom Line:

  • We treat our clients better than the industry minimum.
  • We care about the whole investor not just their investments.
  • We advise clients beyond simply their finances and focus on meeting other important goals as well.
  • We are and will remain a firm that has no product or quota agenda. Therefore, we will always focus on helping you finding the right solution for you.