noun: The action or process of innovating.
Syn: Change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough

Early in my career, as a junior advisor at a major company, I had a senior executive say to me, “Rick, stop being so creative.” I ask him to repeat it, because I couldn’t believe I heard it right. He told me that the company wasn’t designed to handle reps that thought independently. The message was clear. Don’t bring anything unique to the world; be a cog in our machine. But that’s not who I am and it’s not what my clients wanted either.

In that moment, I realized that I would never allow my life or those of my clients to be limited in that way. Not every innovation will bear fruit early, but we are not going to limit our success because that’s the way it’s always been done. Ultimately, this guiding principle has led to the creation of Protection Point Advisors, growing with other likeminded advisors and clients.

At Protection Point Advisors, we are always looking for better ways to grow and protect our client’s wealth. We believe in innovation, which sadly is becoming more and more rare in our industry. “Good enough” has never been good enough for us. Our clients are generally achievers and tend to expect a lot out of themselves and from us as well. Innovation doesn’t replace the basic fundamentals: being responsive, making good portfolio decisions, and basic planning, but it does bring additional value to the lives of our clients by anticipating their future needs. Looking back over the last year, I wanted to point out some of the forward thinking we have become known for as a firm. Sometimes I worry that our clients have become so used to this creativity that they just assume everybody is doing it. They aren’t. As an example of our innovation, in the last year we have:

• Introduced several original portfolio models to better diversify investment options.
• Added a new risk tolerance tool, on the homepage of our website, to help better align our client’s portfolios with their expectations.
• Added additional staff members and updated our procedures to maintain responsiveness during future growth
• Rebuilt our website from the ground up adding many robust client-oriented features.
• Created a new company, to provide high quality financial advice to the people that wouldn’t otherwise fit Protection Point Advisors, such as client’s kids. This is something wholly unique in our industry.
• Added a “client vault” digital data storage to keep client documents like trusts and tax documents safe and available.

This is just a partial list of what we did last year, but because it is part of our core values, you can be assured each year will be filled with more ways of trying to do better. At Protection Point Advisors, we know that innovation isn’t just about doing something different. Innovation must bring about change and growth, adding value.
We are proud to serve like-minded clients and look forward to many, many years of supporting your financial vision and helping you grow.

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