We Shouldn't Be a Secret.

Introduce Someone to

Most of our growth comes from Client Referrals.  We appreciate the compliment.

You are also helping someone you care about become more successful.  

However,  just giving someone our name has about a 5% chance in leading to a conversation.   If you really want to help someone, there are two important steps to effectively introduce someone to Protection Point Advisors: 

1. Share A Specific Experience 

Make it real by telling them about one specific experience where you were helped.

(Example: Tax Strategy, Financial Planning Review, Investment Layers, Helpful Staff) 

2. Invite them to a PPA Introductory Webinar

Just copy this prewritten email to your friend: 

I saw this and I thought of you. It's an invitation to a Webinar from a firm called Protection Point Advisors. 

I am currently working with them and have found their approach to be very valuable. They are a unique company and have helped me to better understand my financial picture. 

Here is a link to their upcoming short 20-30 min live program. 


It’s a good idea to copy us on the email using your advisor’s email address or info@protectionpointadvisor.com