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As many of you know, we have had a lot of improvements this last year. Several great advisors like Steve Holmes, Ray Harrison, and Brian Peardon have chosen to join us at Protection Point Advisors, because they also believe in our values: integrity, sincerity, innovation and putting clients first.

By combining strengths, Protection Point Advisors has created growing options and abilities for our clients. One area we are really proud of is in our model portfolios. We still have access to most any sufficiently large, quality institutional investment money manager, but we also can run a growing number of in house managed portfolio. Recently, Protection Point Advisors chose to make a substantial investment in technology by acquiring sophisticated investment tracking software. This program tracks the custom aspects of each client’s portfolio and their wishes, while also allowing us to make changes across multiple investment models. For some clients, we can even combine several investment models in one account to effectively create a custom tailored investment approach that is reviewed weekly. We have seen this technology at work and believe that it will allow our clients an advantage to goes far beyond what the rest of the financial industry can offer.

These model portfolio options allow us to attentively watch your investments and the list of options has been growing. Each model was designed to address a specific client concern. Investment models are based on a set of tightly observed rules to keep our clients and us from making emotional mistakes. You don’t need to change your current investment approach that you and your advisor have built, but I wanted you to know about some of these growing investment models that we have.

Here are our different Financial Models available to you and what each means:

Stable Growth – focuses more on stability by diversifying in low correlated assets.

  • APM (Advance and Protect Model) – primary objective is to control risk with goal of capturing growth when market is rising and protecting principal when the market is falling
  • Blend (versions from conservative to aggressive) – a combination of three investment approaches layered together into one portfolio.
  • Dividend – focused on dividend or income producing assets and generally staying invested
  • STAR (versions from conservative to aggressive) – reallocated quarterly to asset classes with the most momentum.
  • Socially Responsible (versions from conservative to aggressive) – STAR built with a Social Focus
  • APM Growth – nimble like APM, but more focused and built out of more aggressive building blocks
  • Liquid Alternatives – reallocated each month based on alternatives classes with the most momentum
  • Tactical Tilt– An aggressive portfolio using Dorsey Wright’s research for relative strength investing.

We are always working to improve the methods and the level of productivity in which we serve our clients. I want to personally thank you for your continued trust. I appreciate it and work continue earning it every day.

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