Retirement and the Increasing Life Expectancy

Retirement is a relatively young concept; only two or three generations old. Perhaps one of the more significant economic challenges of our time is an aging population with insufficient retirement assets. With life expectancy increasing there is the potential that many may outlive their income.  

Planning for retirement is all about knowing how much income you can successfully sustain even if you live well into your 90s. Twenty years ago this was considered unusual but is more and more common today. The process is further complicated when you begin to consider how much you may need to sustain a level of living that you’re happy with.

If the income you can sustain doesn’t equal with the income consider a few alternatives:

  • Working longer. Remaining in the workforce even part time can promote physical and financial health.
  • Reducing your lifestyle. Consider wants versus needs and eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

Remember that retirement is about owning time rather than owning things. Of course, it’s also about caring for and safe guarding your assets especially in times of economic jeopardy. At Protection Point Advisors our most important mission is to protect and maintain the growth of your investments.

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